Latest News: COVID-19 – Statement from Build Team (updated)

COVID-19 – Statement from Build Team (updated)

Following the Government instruction to ‘stay at home’, all of our team are now working remotely. We have reduced our opening hours to 9-6pm Monday to Friday during the crisis period, and will continue to ensure what can be done, is being done.

The Government advice in terms of ongoing construction projects remains unclear. However, we take the view that it is not socially responsible to continue with non-essential building works of any nature – and will therefore prioritise our efforts to ensure all sites that are currently in the structural phase are made safe and that all non-essential works are brought to a temporary halt. Our team members will be on hand to assist with this process via telephone and video call. We understand that for some clients this will be mean living with a half-built extension, and for some contractors it will mean a suspension to their earnings; however it is the right thing to do given that we all have our part to play in saving lives and protecting the NHS. Building sites, by virtue of what takes place on them, present a risk of injury – and we must avoid a situation where a tradesman could become injured on site and put additional pressure on the NHS. We support the Mayor of London's demand that all non-safety related construction work should stop immediately. 

On the design side, we are in the process of ascertaining which, if any, of the local authority planning departments will remain open for adjudicating applications during the crisis period. We will continue to monitor this information closely so that we are able to keep clients updated regarding the likely impact on timescales.

On the build side, we will continue to monitor the situation so that we are able to advise when projects can resume and when the start dates for new projects can be booked. We will remain on hand throughout the crisis to assist clients with any activities which can be performed remotely – such as pricing proposals, programme queries and availability discussions. For current build clients, we will re-programme the project plan as soon as it becomes clearer as to when the workforce can get back to work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your specific circumstances in more detail.


Last updated:  14:00, 24/03/2020



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