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Service Standard
site visit
site visit
3D concept visit
Laser-measured survey of proposed floor area      
Budget Estimate    *  
Early morning and late evening appointments      
Cost advice and optimising your budget      
Specialist Planning Advice      
Party Wall Advice and Guidance      
Creative design ideas and layout options      
3D visual of how the exterior will look      
Cost Free £125+VAT ** £250+VAT
* Fastrack within 24 hours
** £125 + VAT fully refundable within 30 days against subsequent design instruction
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Book now
Book now

This is how we help clients navigate the process of getting started with their Side Return. The graph above explains how to approach our side return extension website and your own house building project in an easy way. Home extensions in London can dig a hole in your budget if you do not plan ahead, so we came up with a solution to help you find out the price of any loft conversion, side extension, basement conversion or mansard loft conversion you have in mind by using our online calculator. Having a rough idea about the extension costs, you can then decide to have our house builders visit the site and give you more specific details. You can opt for a standard visit or a premium site survey. While the first one implies no obligations and no fees and you can design your own house within legal boundaries, the second one is a consultation about planning and designing the side extensions as best as possible, but for a fee. You can find out which plans are within permitted development extensions and which not and the budget estimate will help you decide whether to commence the design phase or not. Our website is meant to help you architect your home as best as possible, according to your budget availability and interest in our company.

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