How long does it take to build a Kitchen Extension?

Design: We advise clients to allow 12 weeks for the Design Phase. This allows 2 weeks to survey the property, amend your design and for your designer to prepare and submit the planning application. Planning generally takes 8 weeks, and the final 2 weeks allows for our team to produce your Structural Calculations and Building Reg. Drawings.

Build: A typical ground floor extension will take about 12 weeks to build, but this can vary in length depending on the specification of the project. For example, opting for an all-glass roof adds 2 to 4 weeks onto the build. 

Our team will offer an estimate on the Build duration which is tailored to your project and personal preferences prior to the Build.  

What is the Design Process?

You will require detailed drawings and planning permission before you can start your build and this is where our Design Service comes in useful. Our Architectural Team will work with you to develop your design and then we will take you through planning via your local council. Our drawings include enough detail to satisfy Building Control, and if they have any questions throughout the build we will support you and answer any queries (even if you don’t choose to build with us). 

Do I need Planning Permission?

You will be required to gain planning approval from your local council prior to building and this is all included within our Design Service. We will prepare your planning set for you which generally includes various drawings (existing plans, proposed plans, side and rear elevations etc.), as well as the application form and accompanying documentation. Sometimes we will submit heritage reports and design and access statements if we feel they are necessary to obtain a successful application.   

I have drawings & planning permission can I just have a Build quote?

Absolutely – we have a fantastic Build Only service. Send over your drawings to and we would be happy to provide you with a quote and free no obligation meeting so we can explain a little more about how we work. 

What is Party Wall?

The Party Wall Act is a piece of legislation that helps to ensure one person’s building works don’t adversely affect a neighbour’s property. If you are undertaking a home extension, you might be required to serve Notice to your neighbour(s) before you can carry out the Build. 

Can somebody stop me building by using the Party Wall Act?

As long as the works have planning permission, no one can use the Party Wall Act to stop you building, but they can use it to ensure that the works are done in a particular way. 

Can you help with the Party Wall Process?

Yes we can. We offer our clients a bespoke, in-house Party Wall Service, which is extremely advantageous when it comes to serving Notice and communicating with your neighbours. Our Party Wall Expert works with you to determine the best strategy when serving Notice, and we make ourselves available to alleviate any concerns from your neighbours should they have them. We also undertake the Schedule of Condition and this is all included within our fixed fee Party Wall Service. 

Is there any obligation beyond the Design Phase?

We operate a two-stage process and there is no obligation to commit beyond the design phase. On receipt of planning permission, we will offer you a meeting with our construction team which will enable Build Team to offer their detailed schedule of works. You are absolutely free to invite competitive bids from other contractors should you wish to do so. 

Will my extension look like any other?

Every single extension we Design & Build is completely unique to the client. If you appoint us for the Design Phase, your Architectural Designer will work with you to create a design that is unique to your requirements. We listen to what you want, and guide you to produce a practical and affordable design.

Each design has thousands of variables and no two projects are the same. You choose your extension type, roof pitch (if any), windows, doors, fixtures & fittings, floor and much much more.

Not convinced? Just take a peek at our Gallery. 

I want a dramatic contemporary design. Could you do that?

We are very proud of the designs that we create and for most of our clients, the priority is to create the largest possible interior space that can be used by the family day to day. We strive to create large, practical extensions which are affordable and of a high quality. To offer an idea of cost, our contract sum varies but sits between £30,000 - £200,000.

If you are looking for a highly contemporary look and have more flexibility in your budget, we suggest that you seek the services of an architect who specialises in ‘statement designs’ where the contract sums are typically £200k-£250k. Always a good first point of call is the Royal Institute of British Architects at Alternatively, Dan’s (our CEO) brother is an architect (Ben Davidson) and would be delighted to help:

Do you do other types of building work?

Yes absolutely – as long as we are carrying out an extension. As a specialist company, our focus is on creating high quality home extensions that will add value and a great living space to your home. We do understand that when you are looking to carry out a home extension, there might be a bathroom refurb or reconfiguration somewhere else in your home and we would absolutely be able to help with the additional works while we’re onsite for the extension. 

Can I make changes to the design when the build is in progress?

We will always do our best to accommodate any changes onsite but it does depend on how much notice we are given. You will be in close communication with your Project Manager so they’ll be able to tell you when we need confirmed decisions.

We do offer our design clients unlimited design amendments so we recommend that you take advantage of this service and really experiment during the Design Phase. We would also recommend popping along to one of our House Tours so you can see how designs look in reality. 

Can you also fit my kitchen and floor finish?

Our initial quotation is based on a SQM rate which allows for everything that is required to construct the ‘shell and core’ of the extension. This means we’ll get your home to a water tight shell and install all of the windows and external doors – everything to get the final sign off from Building Control. This includes electrics and plastering. We don’t include internal finishes such as kitchen, flooring and final decorations as we feel that you should have a flexibility of choosing these items yourself, in-line with your budget. We can absolutely do all of this for you, and we’ll be able to offer our quote for the additional items once you have completed the Design Phase, prior to committing to the Build Phase.  

What about my kitchen?

Again, we are completely flexible and can help if you want us to. A number of our clients opt for an ‘off the shelf’ kitchen (for example from Magnet, Howdens or Benchmarx) and invest in good quality worktops. We can install kitchen units and worktops like these if you want us to. If you have a kitchen supplier in-mind, that’s not a problem and we will liaise and cooperate with them to arrange for the fitting at the appropriate time. 

Can I still live in the house during the Build?

A number of our clients choose to move out during the works, however it’s perfectly possible to live in. If you want to do that, we can even create a temporary kitchen until your new kitchen extension is ready.

One point to bear in mind is that if your property doesn't have rear access, then we’ll have to bring everything through the house. If that’s the case, we will always fully protect the hallway and any floor surfaces.

What's your guarantee period?

All of our Extensions are backed by our specialist 10 year guarantee. Further details can be found here

Can I visit a completed project?

Absolutely! We encourage all of our prospective clients, Design and Build, to see our completed projects up close. This a great way to see our fantastic quality of workmanship, and it will also give you tons of design inspiration and help you visualise layout options. Members from our Design and Build Teams will be on hand during the tour to answer any questions. We made this handy video which summarises what our house tours are all about. We are always booking in new dates so make sure to keep an eye on our House Tour Page

What are Building Regulations?

When you begin a Build you will need to assign a Building Control Officer to oversee your project. They are there to ensure the project is being carried out safely and to an acceptable standard. If your Building Control Officer has any queries throughout the Build, our Design Team will be on hand to answer their questions. 

How do I appoint Building Control?

If you choose to build with us, our Project Management team will talk you through the options you have when it comes to Building Control. We can sort everything out for you, or you can do it yourself should you wish. 

Are you properly insured?

Absolutely. We have 2m Public Liability insurance, so you, your family, and your property will be fully covered in the unlikely event of accident or damage.

Who should I contact if I want to talk about my project?

For both Design & Build, you will receive one dedicated Architectural Designer or Project Manager who will manage your project from the start to end. They will be in close communication with you throughout the process and they’ll be on hand to answer any questions.

If you are not sure who to contact, and want to get in touch with our administrative team you can contact us here

Who will manage my Build?

All of our Builds are managed by a dedicated Project Manager who will be your point of contact throughout the Build Phase. They will provide you with regular updates and work with you to finalise any outstanding decisions (eg. electric layouts). Their job is to ensure the smooth running of the project, so you can sit back and relax!  

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